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Rock and Concrete Demolition

Northwest Rock and Concrete Demolition provides rock and concrete breaking and removal solutions for Contractors, Builders, Home owners, County and City Public Works projects in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Mount Vernon, King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, Kittitas, Skagit, Island County and surrounding areas of Washington State.

Our non-explosive rock and concrete demolition breaking tools and technologies are, fast, safe & cost effective.

We have the techniques and experience to break up SOLID ROCK AND BOULDERS OF ANY SIZE, ANYWHERE that you may encounter them during land clearing or mass excavating for buildings site preparation, below grade swimming pool holes, utility trench lines, inside, under and next to damageable structures and utilities.

No rock or boulder is too big to break in to manageable pieces that can be dug out or loaded in to a truck.

We also break up, remove and recycle asphalt and concrete driveways, walkways, floors, footings, foundations, patios, pads, sidewalks stages and steps etc.…

In most cases, we can respond on short notice to help you stay on schedule, saving you time and money in your rock and concrete demolition project.


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  • Controlled Rock Breaking Specialists
  • Rock Excavation
  • Rock and Concrete Demolition
  • Rock Breaking
  • Boulder Busting
  • Non-Explosive Equipment Used
  • Controlled concrete breaking specialists
  • Rock and Boulder Removal
  • Controlled Non-explosive technologies are used
  • We can break up bedrock and boulders of any size
  • Serving Washington State Contractors, Builder’s, Government and Home Owners
  • Technologies allows us to work very close to structures and sensitive utilities without damage
  • Need a job done on short notice? We can usually accommodate
  • In business since 1980

Problem Solved


Rock Breaking Tools



Hydro-Fracturing uses water to create hydraulic pressure on the walls of a hole drilled in the rock or concrete to be broken.

The pressure builds until the rock or concrete breaks in a very safe and controlled manner.

Darda Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters

The Darda Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitter is a powerful demolition tool that can generate over 800,000 pounds of breaking force on the rock or concrete to be broken. Our experienced operator can direct the direction of the break to create manageable size chunks that can be moved by hand or with heavy equipment.  Click on this link for more information

Expansive Mortar Technology / Expanding Grout.

Expansive Mortar Technology also known as expanding grout is a non-explosive demolition agent used for controlled rock and concrete breaking without noise. Expanding mortar is mixed with water and poured in to pre-drilled holes drilled in a pattern to control the direction of the breaking action. This allows the user to control the size and shape of the broken chunks and exposes the rebar to be cut so the chunks can be removed and hauled away.

Click on these links for more information:        Dexpan   Ecoburst  Rockfrac  Bristar  Bustar  Betonamite

Propellant based technology rock breaking tools. Boulder Buster Magnum Buster, Eze-Break Micro Blaster

The Boulder Buster and Magnum Buster are rock and concrete breaking tools that utilizes a propellant based technology. A pressure impulse is generated by a propellant cartridge. The pressure impulse is directed via a barrel in to a incompressible fluid column of water or gel placed in a pre-drilled hole in the rock or concrete to be broken.  The Eze-Break Micro Blaster uses a small propellant charge that is placed in a hole drilled in the rock or concrete to be broken.

Nexburst, and  Autostem, The next generation in propellant based rock breaking technology.

Stone and Rock splitting Tools : Wedges and Shims

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